Assertive Representation From Trusted Financial Services Attorneys

As a borrower or lender, you’re eager to make the most of your proposed transaction. Real estate lending, asset-based lending, or mezzanine finance may play a key role in your financial strategy.

As you proceed, be sure to seek counsel from a financial services lawyer you trust. Gary Swindell and Dan Visalli work closely with both lenders and borrowers to optimize a variety of financial transactions.

Real Estate Lending

Financial services attorneys can play an active role in developing and executing commercial real estate loans. Recently loosened commercial lending standards may mean more opportunities for some businesses, but could also translate to increased risk. From structuring deals to closing loans, Swindell & Visalli seek to minimize risk and maximize your profit in all real estate lending transactions.

Asset-Based Lending

Loans secured by collateral are typically referred to as asset-based. Assets used to secure these loans may include equipment, inventory, or accounts receivable. An ideal financial services attorney will understand how to best put such collateral to work for both borrowers and lenders. Swindell & Visalli is an ideal resource for asset-based transactions.

Mezzanine Finance Transactions

A unique hybrid consisting of equity and debt financing, mezzanine transactions grant lenders the ability to convert company interest to equity in the event of default. Typically, this conversion occurs after lenders such as venture capital companies have received payment. Due diligence tends to be limited in mezzanine finance transactions, but working with a skilled financial services attorney can still prove beneficial.

Working With a Financial Services Attorney

With financial services, the stakes are simply too high to work with anybody other than the region’s top attorneys. With Swindell & Visalli on your side, you can rest assured, knowing that your transaction lies in the most capable of hands. You’ll immediately be impressed by their breadth of knowledge and their commitment to your full satisfaction. Reach out today to learn more about local lending opportunities and how a financial services attorney such as Gary Swindell or Dan Visalli can assist you with your lending or borrowing matters.