Special Assets and Distressed Real Estate Representation

Confronting the fallout of one of the most severe housing crises in history, Swindell & Visalli works closely with lenders and investors as they restructure commercial real estate loans. The firm employs a business-driven practical approach in hopes of securing the most favorable outcomes possible for seemingly hopeless real estate concerns.

Acquisition and Disposition of Distressed Loans and Loan Pool

Depending on the situation, distressed assets could either be a promising business opportunity or a corporate nightmare. Ideally, both acquisition and disposition will be guided by a Charlotte special assets attorney well-versed in distressed securities. Swindell & Visalli employs a strategic approach in distressed loan acquisition in hopes of maximizing profits and reducing legal liability.

Workouts and Restructuring of Distressed Commercial Real Estate Loans

Restructuring may be a viable option for commercial loans in monetary or technical default. From private equity lenders (such as hedge funds) to traditional banks, a variety of entities provide workout solutions. Ultimately, loan workout arrangements are designed to maximize recovery potential.

OREO Property Management, Stabilization, And Disposition

‘Other Real Estate Owned’ or OREO refers to any property owned by a financial institution but not technically related to its everyday business operations. For banks and hedge fund lenders, OREO assets are non-earning assets. Significant OREO ownership may raise alarm bells about a financial institution’s overall health.

Swindell & Visalli offers a range of services designed for organizations with OREO property, including management, stabilization, and disposition, all with the end goal of improving credit and stakeholder equity.

Swindell & Visalli: Why Work With a Charlotte Distressed Real Estate Attorney?

With distressed loans and OREO property, there is little room for error. It is therefore crucial that you work with a skilled distressed real estate attorney. The ideal legal representative will take a proactive approach to all matters, including acquisition, disposition, workouts, and property management.

Boasting an impressive background in both real estate and financial services, Swindell & Visalli provides the combined skills and knowledge necessary for success in sensitive matters such as OREO management or acquisition of distressed real estate loans. The firm’s strategic approach consistently leads to favorable outcomes.

Interested in moving forward with distressed loan acquisition or disposition? To learn more about distressed real estate and the role a Charlotte real estate attorney could play in your case, contact Swindell & Visalli today.